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Waving Hello!!

Name: Anita
Location: Taiwan
Favorite Polanski Film: The Tenant
Reason You Like Roman: His movies are brilliant and he's a great actor/director!!
Other interests: music, watching movies, reading, imaging

Recently I saw "Una Pura Formalita" starring Gerard Depardieu + Roman. It's really a good one, and I'm gonna start collecting Roman's actor works as well as his director works. Is "Pirates" available on DVD yet?? Also "Why?"?? I got the 4-disc Roman Polanski Collection DVD boxset from UK R2 which includes "Knife in the Water", "Cul-de-Sac", "Repulsion" + his early 8 shorts, and now am looking for any way to complete my Roman DVD collection.

Really looking forward to making new friends here since around me a lot of ppl don't care for Polanski movies; they all think he's a bit of a weird wacko. -_-;;;

That's about it for now!! :)
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