Seek Reality Elsewhere (definingreality) wrote in roman_polanski,
Seek Reality Elsewhere

My introduction

Your name: Erica
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Polanski Film: Rosemary's Baby

Reason You Like Roman: Just recently I have been fascinated with him.  I have been watching the special features in Rosemary's Baby dvd and he has such a wonderful perspective on filming.  I love the way he likes to have the actors lead and film that way, instead of making the actors move toward his storyboard or ideas.  He likes to watch things evolve.  His sense of humour and the way he observes people, the way he thinks.  I have been trying to get a hold of more of his movies to really delve deeper... Suggestions and thoughts welcome....

Other interests: dancing, stream of conscious talking, free flow fun and conversations, joy, nightime, stars, grass, trees, waterfalls, writing, yankee candles, chaos, acceptance, fear, psychology, abnormal psychology, plath, reading, etc....
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