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Hello. This is my first post. I've noticed this community is pretty quiet, so I though I'd just jump in. I live in Utah, and I fell in love with Roman as a director after seeing Rosemary's Baby. The ability to create such a spooky and spine-tingling movie without all the blood and guts of too many of today's horror flicks is just amazing to me. Then later to have the ability to direct such a lovely film as Tess really shows his range. I still have to see the Pianist, though. I haven't really liked any of Roman's films since Tess, but I know the Pianist is a must see. I prefer earlier Polanski films, including Repulsion (Catherine Deneuve is fabulous) and Fearless Vampire Killers.

While I don't agree with things he's done in his personal life, he is an amazing filmmaker. I read his autobiography, and he lived through some heartbreaking times. Quite frankly, I think he had an amazing early life and he doesn't whine about how bad his life was like so many other celebrities do (totally unrelated pet peeve--particularly fueled by the fact that many of them haven't had any worse a life than us "regular" people).

Well, I'm a bit tired, so I hope I'm not rambling too much, but I felt it was time to say hi and remark on a very gifted filmmaker.

**edit--I forgot to mention that I had the priviledge of seeing Fearless Vampire Killers on the big screen back in '89. I was so excited!
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