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Polanski DVDs

It looks like a couple Polanski films will soon be making their way to DVD

Tess (Due 9/28/2004)


The Fearless Vampire Killers (Due 10/5/2004)

With three releases last year (Tenant, Bitter Moon and the Criterion Knife in the Water (Ok, 4 if you count the Pianist, but that was a new movie, not a catalog release, so I don't count it)) we are approaching a pretty full Polanski catalog in the digital format. Some notable exceptions include Repulsion, Cul-de-sac, and most of the Polish catalog. Has anyone ever seen Pirates? Are we missing anything by not seeing that on DVD?

Definitely the goofiest Polanski film I have seen. It still has the 2 elements I have come to identify with just about every Polanski film. The sense of claustrophobia in the cinematography and the morally ambiguous ending. I think it was a pretty funny genre parody. It came out a few years after The Pink Panther which I think is the ultimate example of a genre parody that doesn't just make fun of the genre conventions (like Scream, and the entire Wayans brothers catalog). These movies used the genres trappings and made them funny as a device while at the same time making fun of them. It's a hard line to balance, and I don't think Polanski was as successful here as Sellers and Edwards were in the Pink Panther (or as funny as Tim Conway and Don Knots were in The Private Eyes) but they were totally spot on with their poke at the Hammer films that were in turn a poke at the old Universal horror films.

I also think this is a great bit of history for any Polanski fan because we get to see Roman and Sharon Tate together on screen quite a bit. Maybe my fascination with that is a bit morbid, but it did sort of break my heart to see her up there on screen knowing what would happen to her just a couple years after those scenes were shot

Thoughts? Anyone else seen this?
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